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Offering you all the benefits of being plan managed and more.

What is a Plan Manager?

A plan manager is an expert link between the NDIS participant and the providers.

A plan manager will receive and pay invoices on the participants behalf.

How do I keep up to date with my budget?

Country Wide Care will send you Monthly statements so you can keep track of the invoices claimed and what your remaining budget is.

Alternatively we can offer you the benefits of providing a link directly to an APP on your choice of device to keep up to date on a daily basis. The choice is yours.

Is there a cost to me for plan management?

No. The cost for a plan manager will be funded in your plan. Speak to your Local Area Coordinator if you are unsure if you have been funded. You can also request for it to be added to your plan.

Is there any benefit to having plan management?

Yes. Having your NDIS budget plan managed enables you more choice and control over the providers you use. You won’t be restricted to using only NDIA registered providers. You will be able to have choice on the providers and also more flexibility on the amount you pay for the providers.

Why choose Country Wide Care?

Country Wide Care will offer you all the benefits of being plan managed and more.

We are a personalised service that cares and understands your circumstances. 

Our staff are professional and have sound knowledge of the NDIS. We will help you navigate the NDIS and provide the information you will require to help you reach your goals. 

Country Wide Care offer a quick invoice payment turnaround. This keeps the Participants budgets up to date and also helps the providers keep their businesses running smoothly.

Country Wide Care understands that everyone is different and we will be more than happy to work alongside you to make your journey with the NDIS as stress free and beneficial as we can for you.

Our team has existing Family members as participants of the NDIS. The staff also have experience in Mental Health. 

We care and we understand

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Invoices will be paid within 7 business days (generally a quicker turnaround of 48hours) if the plan is current with enough funding.

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